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Why Choose Us

InstaBought's No Hassle Quick-Close system will get you to the closing table with a fair price. No Commissions Paid, No Closing Costs Paid, and No Rehab Needed. Our professional staff will come to the table with a Quick Cash Offer and Quick Cash Closing.  If needed, we'll take over the lease. We'll rid you of your problem & you'll be on your way, stress-free!

How We Help

We are skilled professionals that have the "know how" to come up with creative solutions to fit your selling needs. We have team players that help close your transaction swiftly. Our team includes Attorneys, Title & Insurance Agents, Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Repair Contractors, Appraisers, Inspectors, etc. We handle the paperwork so you can close when you need to. We create "Win-Win" real estate solutions for all our clients. We'll make your mortgage payment evaporate!

Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast

"I need to Cash Out and Get Money quickly!"

Who wants to wait to get money in their pocket? Basically, You want cash now and don’t want to stand by and wait months trying to sell your house the traditional way via a  Realtor. Great folks sell us their properties for numerous reasons. However, the most common reason is they just simply would like to get a cash offer and skip the hassles of listing a property, working around showings, keeping the house in unbelievably pristine conditions for months at a time, bickering with Realtors, and paying out thousands in commissions. 

We are experts at microwaving the Quick-Close Process.

 Quick Close Cash Out in 30 Days or Less!

Quick Close Cash Out in 30 Days or Less!

A lot of the times clients don’t even have a situation, they would just rather find and easier way to close quickly. At the end of the day, it’s at least worth a conversation to see if we can present you with a Win/Win solution that could save you a lot of time, effort, and energy.  Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer!

"I'm Behind on My Mortgage Payments,.."

When you first got your mortgage you could handle your payments, but sometimes unforeseen occurrences happen. Perhaps you are going through a divorce, need to downsize, or might just be in a place where you can only pay some of the mortgage. Customarily the bank will not accept partial payments they want it all and they want it now, despite what is going on in your life. Situations will arise beyond your control including health problems or job loss.  We can help!

 Are you behind on Your Mortgage Payments? We can Help!

Are you behind on Your Mortgage Payments? We can Help!

When you’ve tried your hardest and find yourself unable to make  the mortgage payments, what you need is our experience. We’ve helped many families to get back on track financially with their mortgage lenders. That’s what we do. If you’ve been staying up late at the kitchen table, shaking your head at the bills and wondering if there was another solution out there, you’ve come to the right place. Let us give you some options that nobody ever told you about. We're on your Team, we've got You Covered!  Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer!

"We have to Leave Town,..But it's For a Good Reason,.."

One minute things are settled and the next, your world turns inside out. A job Transfer or relocation is typically a good thing and it also means congratulations is in order. However, Relocation can be stressful because you have to move, and soon!

 Need to Sell Your Home because of a Job Transfer or Relocation?

Need to Sell Your Home because of a Job Transfer or Relocation?

The problem is, real estate agents often take months to sell a house. How can you move quickly, and still get a good price for your house? You’ve come to the right place! We specialize in just these types of situations. We can usually give you not just one, but several options for solving your problem. When you meet with us, we’ll listen carefully to your situation and will quickly put together strategies that no one else probably told you about. You have enough on your mind with a relocation; let us take one worry “off your plate!” Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer!

"I have Crazy Renters and I want Out of the Property!"

Some people will not treat your property the same way that you would! Do you have a crazy renter that fits that description? Maybe you become a landlord accidentally because you couldn’t find someone to buy your house when you needed to leave town, or you might have always wanted to own rental property.

Either way, sometimes we'll take the first renter available due to cash flow constraints. Unbeknownst to you, when that nightmare of a tenant moves in, the situation can suddenly become unbearable. We've seen it all: The late night calls to fix the toilet, the excuses for late (or no) rent payments, the damage they’re doing to your property, any one of these can be enough to drive you up a wall. After a duration of time, you'll become tired of fighting with ungrateful, unreasonable people. That's when you give us a call. We can act quickly to give you one or more solutions to your landlord problem. Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer!

"I Just Got Served with Foreclosure Papers,..What Now,..?"

If you’ve been served with foreclosure papers, it's "Code Red" & you don’t have much time! Even if your situation is unforeseen, maybe due to health issues, a job loss, or other things outside of your control. Typically, the lender will not care. We bring you options,..

 Talk to Us to Avoid Foreclosure

Talk to Us to Avoid Foreclosure

We’re real estate problem solvers, and may very well be able to help you with the solution you’ve been searching for. Most Importantly, We aren’t a real estate agency that wants to list your house and make you wait. Instead, we’re real estate investors that know how to act quickly AND provide clear, fair solutions.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by contacting us. We’ll quickly tell you what solutions we can offer to make your nightmare go away. It’s urgent that we give you some options that will prevent the sheriff from appearing at your door! Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer!

"My House is Vacant,..I'd Rather Cash Out than Maintain It,.."

Does Your Vacant House Keep you up at Night? With crime rates these days, it seems like no amount of property attention seems to deter vandals from noticing that a house is vacant. In a matter of minutes, they can destroy years of careful maintenance. What’s even worse is that many insurance companies have “fine print” that allows them to deny coverage to you for the vandalism, even if you’ve been paying the premiums all along! They might claim that if the house has been vacant longer than 30 days, the property is no longer covered.

 Vacant Homes are Begging Vandals  & Squatters to Find out What You've Left Inside,..

Vacant Homes are Begging Vandals  & Squatters to Find out What You've Left Inside,..

All this worry and expense gets to a point where it’s not worth keeping the vacant house. Even so, you want to get a fair price for it. That’s where we come in: We can see the value in a “fixer-upper” house; we act quickly, and we’ll give you a fair price for your valuable asset. We’re real estate problem solvers.

Find out how we can give you a solid solution to your vacant house problem…fast! Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer!

"We're going Through a Divorce,.."

Some time ago you moved into that house and thought you might live there a long time, But now, things have changed. What seemed before like a big house is now unbearably small when two people want to go their separate ways. One or both of you want out of that house…or maybe one person’s already moved out, and the other is left with making the whole mortgage payment.

 Headed in Different Directions,..We Help you get out of that House,..

Headed in Different Directions,..We Help you get out of that House,..

You have way too much on your mind to be dealing with getting your house sold quickly and for a fair price. That’s why you don’t need a real estate agent to list your property while you wait, and wait! You need someone to buy your property and solve this problem right now. We are experts at dealing with difficult real estate problems. Being real estate investors allows us the ability to pay you a fair price for your property without making you wait weeks, months, or even longer.

Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer! We’ll respond quickly, and give you options you didn’t know you had!

"We've had a Loss in the Family and we're sorting thru the Estate,.."

Losing a Loved One is never easy, the last thing you need is the nuisance of dealing with all the estate details. Not only that, but maybe the property needs repairs or is behind on payments. Where are you going to get the money to bring everything current?

 Have Probate Real Estate that We Can Help You Liquidate? 

Have Probate Real Estate that We Can Help You Liquidate? 

The fact is, you already had a life before all these extra “estate” responsibilities came along. If they could all be solved quickly, that would be one thing…but unfortunately, the probate process for estates can drag on for months. The biggest piece of an estate is often the home, and it’s also the hardest to deal with, in many cases. That means time and aggravation that you can’t afford.

Let us help, by giving you options. We’re experts at solving real estate problems quickly and fairly. That way you can put these sudden complications behind you and focus on what counts–your family.

Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer! We’ll help you through this difficult time.

"We Have a Judgement or a Lien on the Property,..what now,..?"

Have you been hounded by creditors who slapped liens or judgments on your property and will not give up? Sometimes these people just go too far. We’ve dealt with such problems in the past, and know how to solve them!

judgement lien | SellUglyHome.com

You have rights, and you deserve some options for clearing your property from these burdens. It’s time they left you alone! Let us help.

Click Here to Contact Us Now…We can solve the problem.

"My Realtor Hasn't Been able to deliver,..?"

When you told your real estate agent that you needed to sell your house, you probably heard all kinds of great stories about how they’ll have it sold in no time, at a great price. That’s NOT how it’s worked out, though. Instead of hearing great stories, now you’re hearing great excuses for why they haven’t sold your house: “It needs more bedrooms; you need to come down in price; the school district isn’t the best”, etc.

 Skip the Realtor Excuse, turn to our Skillful Professionals with a Quick Close System

Skip the Realtor Excuse, turn to our Skillful Professionals with a Quick Close System

At this point, what you really need is an experienced professional to get your house sold. That’s where we come in: We are not interested in listing your house again; we’re interested in buying it! That’s because we’re professional real estate investors. We’ve built our reputation over the years for quick action and fair prices. We can often give you even more than one solution to your problem.

You just want honest, straight talk, followed by results. That’s exactly what we’ll provide.

Click Here to Contact Us Now. We’ll act quickly to give you a real solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Realtors® who just want to list my house?

Absolutely not! Our company is a group of real estate investors that buys houses from people like you in neighborhoods just like yours. We're NOT Realtors® and we're NOT associated with any real estate agency. We don't want to list your house, we want to buy your house and look to do so immediately! 

How Much Will Instabought.com Buy My Home For?

We will research the local comps/recent sales in your immediate area and provide you with the Best Price. We can work with any seller who needs to move a property quickly for any reason in any price range. All Communication between you and Instabought.com is kept in strict confidence. You can review our Privacy Policy Here.  

Click Here to Get a Fast Cash Offer.

Do you Offer a Referral Program?

Yes indeed! Even if you don't need to sell your home, but you know someone who does, please refer them to us or have them give us a call. We'll pay you from $500 to $1000 for each house you refer to us that we buy! For more details, be sure to review our Referral Program

Ok, I Agree with the Cash Offer,.How will I get the Contract and How Much time do I have to sign it? 

We will contact you after we have received the Cash Offer Request  to discuss your Quick Close. We will then get the Agreement expedited to you.  Generally, we give 3-5 days to approve the Contract. The Quicker we have a signature, the sooner we can set a closing date.  Our Delivery Methods are email,  in-person, at UPS Store, or Fax . All Delivered Same Day.

So How Long Does This Process Take?

Routinely, from the time we receive the signed contract from you, it takes 20-30 business days, sometimes faster. 

What will be deducted from my Cash Paid at Closing?

Our Team at Instabought will handle all the usual closing costs associated with the Sale of your home. However, as the homeowner, you'll have to take care of the pro-rated part of the County Property Taxes, State Tax (0.7% of Sale Price) and the Balance of the Mortgage, if any.  

How do I get CASH at Closing?

Traditionally, By Certified Funds, Bank check, or Money wire.

Will I have to do anything to get the Property Ready for Sale?

We buy homes in Any Condition, basically “As-Is,” so no need to worry about doing anything including fixing up the home prior to closing. Furthermore, we can still buy you home if condemned or has demolition orders scheduled 

What Kinds of Real Estate Property does Instabought.com buy?

Our Team at Instabought will pick up virtually any single-family, multi-family, townhouse or apartment building. Vacant or Rented, no problem. We do not make offers on Mobile Homes. Get a Fast Cash Offer.

What Areas does Instabought focus On?

The Team at Instabought, will acquire houses anywhere in Florida. However, we will make an offer outside the State of Florida Depending on the Circumstances. Our principal office is located in Tampa, FL.

My Property is in Foreclosure,..can Instabought.comHelp?

Don't worry,..We are skillful professionals accustomed to handling foreclosures and work hand-in-hand with many banks. We can assist with most foreclosure crisis situations at any stage of the process. We will help you redirect the foreclosure proceedings and get the bank to the closing table.

Suppose my Property is "Under Water" and worth less that I owe the Bank,..how can Instabought assist?

Certainly, Our Team at Instabought works jointly with short sale specialists that can hold your hand through the process 

What Happens to my House after Instabought obtains it?

We are in the business of Buying and Selling houses and multiple house packages; we work with Investors, we Rehab, we ReSell and we Rent Properties.

I'm an Investor, Cash Buyer or Landlord,..How can I find out more about Instabought's Properties? 

Investors/Cash buyers will find no more attentive options from the professionals at Instabought.com. We understand our Investors expect an efficient, oftentimes an expedited closing process. Investors/Cash Buyers Click Here

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